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Warranty by certificate for all investments $1,750,000.00 Full Business Validation

Autonomous Trading

Our smart trading biltonfx-options.com makes automated trading easier than ever before with unmatched diversification and dynamic logic swapping


What Is biltonfx-options.com.?

biltonfx-options.com. specializes in conducting effective trading transactions at cryptocurrency exchanges. Since there are only high qualified and experienced traders in our team, we offer our investors beneficial terms of gaining passive income. Any exchange activity involves certain risks, however, such things as superb knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, the ability to analyse internal processes and adapt our trading strategy to the environment allow us to successfully overcome all difficulties and be in the black even in situations that are hard to predict.Investing into cryptocurrencies is one of the most profitable ways to rapidly increase ones capital. Moreover, working with our company helps our investors to avoid losses thanks to our unique trading methods. Analytical processing performed in advance allows traders to understand the current situation in the market, while their experience in the field makes it possible to take advantage of every opportunity to gain profit from every deal. Working with us, you will receive access to the global cryptocurrency market, as well as guaranteed returns on your investments.


Safety and Stability:

A platform with the EV SSL certificate and improved hash algorithmsThe safety of your investments and the stability of dividend payouts are our main priorities when it comes to investments. biltonfx-options.com. employs EV SSL certificate and improved hash algorithms. This certificate is currently the most advanced security system that guarantees user protection from nearly all types of fraud in the virtual reality. Moreover, using this certificate increases our credibility. To obtain such a certificate, our company had to undergo an extensive check in the certification centre, to present the registration papers and tax files, to verify its activity and etc. to prove the fact that our website is indeed linked to a real coordinator of activity. Using hash algorithms allows us to encrypt large volumes of data, to save it in a compact form, and to perform quick checks of it. Hashing is used for different purposes, including saving passwords and other confidential information that should not be obtained by third parties.

Unity Simplicity:

A unique platform with an optimized interface where users can make daily profits Our website features the Unity Simplicity platform with an optimized interface and functions allowing to automate processes. Platform development and testing were divided into several stages. Now, we offer our users a highly performing software that features numerous tools and functions that make using our website convenient.
The platform ensures quick communication between our users and the administration, multitasking, and great security. Unity Simplicity allows the highest possible speed of performing transactions and gives investors an opportunity to receive daily profit using the cryptocurrency market. Nevertheless, we never cease to develop, making our platform better andmore advanced.

Experience and Connections:

Complete experience for beginners and advanced traders Thanks to attracting private investments we managed to increase the volume of trading and further develop our trading team. One of our priorities is passing our trading experience to the new generations of traders. Such continuity will allow them to begin trading shortly and will make them more professional. Professional traders working as mentors will be able to pass their experience accumulated over years of working at the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, to the beginners, helping them to adapt in the real trading environment faster and to increase their success rate. Our company is interested in finding talented traders, both experienced and novices. Everyone benefits from working in a strong team. Traders receive the priceless experience of trading at exchanges under the management of experts in the field, our company improves the quality of its services, and our investors obtain more confidence in multiplying their funds invested into the cryptocurrency market, as well as in the strategies of long-term development of biltonfx-options.com.


We created a convenient cryptocurrency investment platform that allows citizens of numerous countries receive dividends thanks to the effective trading at exchanges and improve their living standards. Implementation of the most innovative technologies and modern protection methods, strong team building, providing every kind of assistance to our traders in order to develop their professionalism, improving the quality of service, and ensuring timely payouts to our traders are the factors that secure the stable existence and development of biltonfx-options.com.. Over the last few months, we managed to achieve a multifold increase in investments, which is an unbeatable proof of our credibility.

However, we are not going to stops at that. Our perspective plans continue to come to life. Our company is beating competition with confidence while offering our investors services of higher quality and increasing its profitability. If you are interested in working with a reliable financial partner, biltonfx-options.com. is ready to offer beneficial and safe terms for the most advanced and profitable method of high-yield investing. That is, investing into cryptocurrencies.


The idea at the basis of biltonfx-options.com. is simple, it is obtaining maximum profit using all opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency system and exchange trading. Such opportunities are indeed numerous. The main focus of biltonfx-options.com. is increasing the level of yield in the near future, rather than maintaining it. We ensure the stable growth of our capitalization by supporting our traders with reliable analytical data, by using tried and tested trading strategies, obtaining insider information, diversifying risks and our endeavours. For example, we have formed an independent branch of incoming capital thanks to the effective arbitration trading. The liquidity of cryptocurrencies and their turnover at the leading exchanges are so high that they can easily compete with the shares of large international companies. The opportunity to receive high profit within short periods of time when working with cryptocurrencies is ensured by the highvolatility, that is, the rapid change of quotations, which is explained by the uncontrolled and decentralized nature of cryptocurrency networks.

Sharing income among the investors

When expanding our domain, biltonfx-options.com. began to work with private investors in addition to legal entities, which created a new source of funds for our investment portfolio.Investors work with biltonfx-options.com. using the official website of the company that serves as a full-fledged investing tool. Any investor can choose among a number of investment plans featuring different terms. Regardless of his or her choice, biltonfx-options.com., being a responsible company, guarantees timely dividend payouts in full to every investor according to the terms of the investment plan. Once the minimum withdrawal sum has been obtained, a user can request a withdrawal to his orher e-wallet that they used to top up the balance. A small capital would suffice to begin working with our company, there is no need to verify ones identity or visit our office to discuss the terms. Do not miss your chance to join the team of successful investors of biltonfx-options.com. who receive maximum profit from the rapid increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies.